C+ Illustrators Showcase
5:30 PM17:30

C+ Illustrators Showcase


Thursday, October 17 • 5:30 p.m.

Highlighting Professionals in the Sacramento Area Illustration Industry

Creativity+ presents the Illustrators Showcase, the third episode in our series featuring creative professionals from a specific field. Thirteen illustrators will display their work and take the stage to offer a quick rundown of their talents.

If you hire illustrators, are a freelancer looking to make connections or simply want to know more about the industry, this event is for you!

Featured Illustrators

Paul Antonson: paulantonson.com

Melinda Arendt: melindaarendt.com

Melissa Arendt: melissaarendt.com

Hans Bennewitz: hansbennewitz.com

Ben Della Rosa: benjamindellarosa.com

Nick Jacoy: pastanick.com

Paul Kreizenbeck: paulkreizenbeck.com

Jefferson Miller: behance.net/jeffersonmiller

Emilee Rudd: emileerudd.com

Brandon Salindo: brandonsalindo.com

Angelina Soronkin: angelinasorokin.portfoliobox.net

Lily Therens: lilyct.com

Mike Tofanelli: miketofanelli.com

Jonathan Weast: weastandweast.com

Thursday, October 17 • 5:30
Ice Blocks, 1715 R St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Doors open at 5:30pm, talks start at 6:00pm

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Creativity+ Play: Scott Mock & Whitney Johnson
5:30 PM17:30

Creativity+ Play: Scott Mock & Whitney Johnson


Thursday, September 19 • 5:30pm

Scott Moak & Whitney Johnson

Creativity+ presents the third Speakers Series of 2019. The theme is Play: an activity essential to creativity and social well-being, but often overlooked as frivolous or unproductive. Each Creativity+ Play event will feature conversations with two speakers from diverse backgrounds offering their unique perspectives on the topic. Next up are Scott Moak and Whitney Johnson.

Scott Moak

Vice President, Community Investment, Sacramento Republic FC
TV Host, Studio40 Live, Fox40
Public Address Announcer, Sacramento Kings Impact


Scott is a veteran of social services and a licensed marriage and family therapist. He also heads the Community Investment department of the Sacramento Republic FC as they finetune their bid to become the next MLS franchise. Previously, he spent 4+ years as the Executive Director of the Sacramento Kings Foundation and led their Do Good program.

Scott is passionate about social welfare, building healthy communities and promoting philanthropy. He enjoys collaborating with talented, inspiring, intellectually curious folk who believe in treating people the right way all the time.

Scott has been yelling and screaming as the Public Address Announcer for the Sacramento Kings since 2002 and also hosts a popular entertainment and lifestyle show on Fox40 weekdays at 11am. (He appreciates that they don't make him wear makeup.) He is a single dad of two fun and kind kiddos, daughter Evan, age 8 and son Asher, age 5.

Scott Moak

Hospitality Designer, Miles Treaster & Associates (MTA)


Whitney fell in love with food, cocktails, art, fashion, music and the idea of life outside of her comfortably quiet Rocklin upbringing while attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco.

After graduating, Whitney moved to downtown Sacramento where she landed her first job with the architectural firm Monighan & Design. She is now department director at Miles Treaster & Associates and has led the design team for hospitality projects including Shady Lady Saloon, Grange, KRU and Shangri-La. She is currently focused on boutique hotels and larger format statewide projects.

Her current best project is her 1-year-old son. She spends every free moment showing him how to select the best nectarines at the market, how to get the flamingo's attention at the zoo and how to dine on the best dishes in and out of town.

Thursday, September 19 • 5:30pm
WAL Community Room • 1108 R St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Use the 12th Street Entrance | Doors open at 5:30pm, talks start at 6:00pm

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Creativity + Play: Molly Hallweaver & Eric Howard
5:30 PM17:30

Creativity + Play: Molly Hallweaver & Eric Howard


Thursday, August 15 • 5:30pm

Molly Hallweaver & Eric Howard

Creativity+ presents the second Speakers Series of 2019. The theme is Play: an activity essential to creativity and social well-being, but often overlooked as frivolous or unproductive. Each Creativity+ Play event will feature conversations with two speakers from diverse backgrounds offering their unique perspectives on the topic. Next up are Molly Hallweaver and Eric Howard.

Molly Hallweaver


Molly grew up in the woods of Maine and then headed west to Santa Cruz for college. She likes to say she earned a degree in Ultimate Frisbee and Surfing with a minor in Neuroscience. After graduating, she got a job as an after-school teacher at a public elementary school in San Francisco and rode her bike across the Golden Gate bridge to work every day (Type 2 fun). She traveled in South America for six months, exploring, volunteering, learning Spanish, and eating empanadas. Molly returned to the East Coast for med school at Tufts University where she played for Brüte Squad, Boston's women's ultimate team, and won a national championship title. She switched coasts again, landing in Sacramento as an emergency resident at UC Davis Medical Center. She now spends most of her time in the hospital working ridiculous hours and, with her limited free time, you'll find her running, biking, climbing, skiing and, of course, playing frisbee.

Eric Howard


Eric Howard is the co-founder of Fathom, a digital creative studio that makes engaging brand experiences and tells human-driven stories. He has spent the last 15 years exploring the nexus between art and technology. After working for Intel, SAP, Bukwild, and McClatchy’s New Ventures Lab, Eric opened up his own shop in 2018. In addition to building world-class brand and campaign websites, he’s using AR and VR to push the boundaries of creativity in interactive media. When he’s not working, he might be designing games for his indie studio, Lucre Games or cycling around Sacramento, digging in his vegetable garden, or collaborating with local creatives on interactive art installations.

Thursday, August 15 • 5:30pm
WAL Community Room • 1108 R St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Use the 12th Street Entrance | Doors open at 5:30pm, talks start at 6:00pm

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Creativity+ Play: Grace Loescher & Nick Brunner
5:30 PM17:30

Creativity+ Play: Grace Loescher & Nick Brunner

This summer, Creativity+ is hosting the second Speakers Series of 2019. The theme is Play: an activity essential to creativity and social well-being, but often overlooked as frivolous or unproductive. Each Creativity+ Play event will feature conversations with two speakers from diverse backgrounds offering their unique perspective on the topic. First up are Grace Loescher and Nick Brunner.

• • •


Grace Loescher is a practicing artist, published poet, professional advocate for homeless youth, part time emcee/host, and full time activist. She is also a failed gardener and semi-professional tinkerer. She holds a B.A. in Studio Art and has exhibited works in a variety of locations including an interactive installation of a life size confessional booth in the Cornell Fine Arts Museum in Orlando FL.

Grace is the co-founder and host of Speak Out Sacramento, a local open mic and breeding ground for creatives. For the past four years, Grace has served as a trusted member of the Waking the Village team, a local nonprofit working to better the lives of Sacramento’s homeless youth. During her time at Waking the Village, Grace dreamt up and currently runs the Creation District, a safe haven for creation, discovery, activism, daring, and dream-making for Sacramento’s youth and young adults experiencing homelessness and economic instability.

She partners with local charter schools to teach social justice through the arts as well as with the national nonprofit, College Track, to teach art, theatre, and writing to high school students from underserved communities. In her spare time, Grace can be found producing Broadway musicals in her backyard and scavenging treasures from other people’s trash piles.

Her work can be found at www.gracemakesstuff.com

• • •


Nick Brunner grew up in rural Illinois with his sister and parents within a vast expanse of corn fields. He discovered NPR in college when he was hired to work at WGLT-FM in Normal, Illinois (the real name of a real town). That’s where he came to appreciate the colors public broadcasting painted amid a drab and predictable radio landscape. His delusions of sophistication often don’t match his modest lifestyle and as a result, he spends time trying to find just the right wine to accompany Tuna Helper… A Shiraz works well.

Location: Warehouse Artist Lofts
1108 R St., Sacramento, CA 96811
(Entrance on R St.)

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5:30 PM17:30

C+ Photographers Showcase

We are excited to announce the second iteration of our Showcase series – designed to showcase professionals working in a specific creative field. Our first Showcase will highlight Sacramento area film makers big and small.

Whether you hire photographers, are a freelancer looking to make connections, or simply want to know more about the industry – this event is for you!

Our photographers will showcase their work and give a quick rundown of their capabilities. Make sure to introduce yourself to the artists, network with others in the industry and grab additional information on the Sacramento photog scene.


Emily Abdinorwww.emilyabdinor.com

Emily is a Personal Branding and Commercial photographer specializing in small businesses. Her photos use film-like color and lifestyle settings. She shoots, styles, and helps clients get the most of their professional photos so they can reach their goals. Contact me if you'd like to have a free creative consultation.


Ed Asmuswww.edasmusphotography.com

For the past 30 years I've been providing exceptional architectural and location photography services to leading architectural design firms, advertising agencies, interior designers, contractors, product manufactures, engineering firms, developers, and other associated companies for the use of marketing, publishing and communications. I strive to produce images on each assignment that exhibit the best creative vision as well as reflect my technical expertise to enhance the design and the design and the creativity of my client projects. I believe in building strategic, enduring alliances with my clients. I work with my clients as an integral partner to achieve the company's goals. Based in Sacramento, taking assignments: Sacramento, Valley, Napa, Lake Tahoe, Bay Area and north America.


Doug Cupidwww.dougcupidphotography.tumblr.com

I’m a lifestyle/commercial photography, residing in Sacramento, CA. I’m looking to have fun, further my career, and expand my network.


Wes Daviswesdavisphotography.com

My name is Wesley Owen Davis and I was born in late October, 1980, in the biggest little city in the world, Reno Nevada. Every summer when I was a child, we would hop in the family car with mom, dad and brother and set off on an adventure. Somewhere along the road my pops handed me his Pentax k-1000 camera and I was hooked for life.

Today I live in Sacramento California with my brilliant and radiant partner Brea, and our silly little magical daughter Bijou. I am partners in an experimental venue / art gallery space in downtown Sacramento called Beatnik Studios. I play banjo in a band called Güero. I have been jumping around on a skateboard most of my life and still go toss myself around on occasion. I love to travel and go on adventures. I love to camp, swim, hike and get dirty. I am super duper lucky and grateful for my place in this world. Like most photographers, I typically keep my words short and sweet and let my images tell the stories.


Kevin Fiscuswww.kevinfiscus.com

Kevin Fiscus is a Midtown Sacramento based photographer specializing in editorial portraits, corporate, and commercial photography. He works with digital agencies to develop branded imagery for businesses local to global. Also accepting editorial assignments.


Gordon Lazzaronewww.lazzaronephotography.com

I have been in business in the Sacramento area since 1981, after attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and working for Contemporary Illustrators in Kansas City, MO, a full service design, illustration and photography studio.

Although the process of image making has changed dramatically from film to digital, one thing has remained constant - my love for photography, collaborating with other creatives in producing work which elevates the brand of our clients.

I love the challenge of photographing many different things. From people to product and food, both in the studio and on location, the particular challenges of lighting, composition, etc. is what fuels me. The quality of light, of which I am particularly interested in, informs our visceral response to an image and I care a lot about that.


Faith Marie & Francisco Chavirawww.faithmari.com

FAITHMARI brings a creative and strategic approach to mobile photography and Social Media Marketing. Statistics show that social media is quickly becoming the number one marketing solution for brands, and the most powerful tool in digital advertising. As a result, consumers crave an authentic humanized social experience; one that is not overly commercialized. FAITHMARI understands this approach and has utilized it to manage a number of social media communities that have achieved positive analytics and recognition from the press.


Tina Mariewww.tinamariephoto.com


Calvina Nuyhenwww.calvinaphotography.com

Calvina has been a professional photographer for the last 10 years. She began by capturing families and weddings, then expanded to work for companies and non-profits worldwide. Even before all that, she had a solid career in graphic design, which lent her valuable experience in storytelling, problem solving, and art directing. She now uses these skills in her work as a photographer to visually unfold the stories behind people and businesses.

With the quick evolution of creative marketing, she is currently focused on solving the problems of companies needing constant, persistent, and fresh visual content year round. Her expertise in both design and photography allows her to create consistent and cohesive photography for brands.

As her way of giving back, she uses her passion for storytelling to amplify the voices of women who are marginalized. She has founded a project called STIRR (makeastirr.com) that shares stories of hope and freedom from women who have overcome sex trafficking in India. Their powerful stories are shared through the experience of cooking and food.


Raoul Ortegawww.raoulortega.com

Raoul Ortega is a storyteller, educator and visual artist through the disciplines of photography and graphic design. His work finds its place on either end of the spectrum or anywhere in between visual communication and art form. Visual composer describes his design-minded Jazz approach and how he uses the principles and theories ofDesign and Jazz to create compositions both strategically and intuitively.


Danielle Weast

Dani Weast | Dani Weast is a Sacramento native who returned to the city after a ten year hiatus earning her MA in English and exploring northern California. Weast has been photographing professionally for over two years and her work focuses largely on people in their natural environment. Weast works to cultivate a strong connection with her clients and their vision as she grows her business. Her photos aim to make the familiar strange. Weast's style elevates everyday subjects through theatrical landscapes and etherial edits.

Stay tuned for our Fall Showcase centered around local fashion! Let us know if there is an industry you're interested in seeing showcased in 2020. We are always looking for cool ways to champion our creative communities.

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