speaker series

Monthly talks centering around two speakers from diverse backgrounds coming together to offer their unique perspective on a specific theme. This event brings our community together in an intimate setting, offering a refreshing look from the vantage points of traditional and unconventional creatives alike. Grab some refreshments and a good seat! Don't leave before the Q&A, or you'll miss the best part of the evening.



What happens when Sacramento’s creative minds come together to tackle one of our city’s greatest challenges? What wild possibilities can we dream up as solutions? We tap the creative community to solve real-world problems and make our city a better place. Creativity+ invites our diverse creative community - artists, designers, dancers, engineers, accountants, etc. - to work together in solving civic challenges.



By highlighting the creative class throughout Sacramento, showcases allow for talented professionals to come and show the public what they do best! 

Each industry showcase focuses on a specific creative field. These events are designed to showcase a variety of professional work in the same arena.