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Our Story

Located in sunny Sacramento, Creativity+ serves as an immersive hub offering a space for creatives unconventional and otherwise to connect and grow. Creativity+ is the brainchild of local creatives coming together over beers and discussing the endless possibilities that Sacramento has to offer. We are a motley crew of dreamers that believe creativity and design thinking can solve any problem. We understand that when creatives get into a room together and exchange ideas, anything is possible. We recognize that when a town leverages its creative community, great things happen and we all thrive. 


Upcoming Events


Up Next

Creativity + Play

September 19: Scott Moak & Whitney Johnson come together to offer their unique perspective on the theme of Play. Offering a refreshing look into the vantage points of traditional and unconventional creatives alike, this event brings our community together for a dynamic dialogue.


speaker series 

Monthly talks centering around two speakers from diverse backgrounds coming together to offer their unique perspective on a specific theme. 



What happens when Sacramento’s creative minds come together to tackle one of our city’s great challenges? We’re tapping the creative community to solve real-world problems.



By highlighting the creative class throughout Sacramento, showcases allow for talented professionals to come and show the public what they do best! 


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