When: May 16, 2019
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: Triple Exposure Studio • 2998 Franklin Blvd.

We are excited to announce the second iteration of our Showcase series – designed to showcase professionals working in a specific creative field. Our first Showcase will highlight Sacramento area photographers.

Whether you hire photographers, are a freelancer looking to make connections, or simply want to know more about the industry – this event is for you!

Our photographers will showcase their work and give a quick rundown of their capabilities. Make sure to introduce yourself to the artists, network with others in the industry and grab additional information on the Sacramento photog scene.



Emily HeadShot-001.jpg

Emily is a Personal Branding and Commercial photographer specializing in small businesses. Her photos use film-like color and lifestyle settings. She shoots, styles, and helps clients get the most of their professional photos so they can reach their goals. Contact me if you'd like to have a free creative consultation.


Ed Asmus


For the past 30 years I've been providing exceptional architectural and location photography services to leading architectural design firms, advertising agencies, interior designers, contractors, product manufactures, engineering firms, developers, and other associated companies for the use of marketing, publishing and communications. I strive to produce images on each assignment that exhibit the best creative vision as well as reflect my technical expertise to enhance the design and the design and the creativity of my client projects. I believe in building strategic, enduring alliances with my clients. I work with my clients as an integral partner to achieve the company's goals. Based in Sacramento, taking assignments: Sacramento, Valley, Napa, Lake Tahoe, Bay Area and north America.


Francisco Chavira


Francisco has been working as a photographer for 9 years. My work focuses on color and all things joyful. Trained as a wedding photographer and now working as a commercial photographer. I create captivating images for use in marketing, with a focus on social media. Working with small and big clients to show who they are in a way that compliments their brands and captivates their audiences.


Doug Cupid


Doug Cupid is a Sacramento area based photographer who finds joy and purpose in photographing his various subjects. Specializing in portraits, wedding, event and product photography he constantly strives to foster a creative, fun and relaxed environment so that the true nature of the people or the products shine through. Doug’s outgoing personality and his genuine love for connecting with people is strengthened by his personal philosophy that he’s “never met a stranger”....and.... “will trade work for cookies”....lots and lots of cookies.


Wes Davis


My name is Wesley Owen Davis and I was born in late October, 1980, in the biggest little city in the world, Reno Nevada. Every summer when I was a child, we would hop in the family car with mom, dad and brother and set off on an adventure. Somewhere along the road my pops handed me his Pentax k-1000 camera and I was hooked for life.

Today I live in Sacramento California with my brilliant and radiant partner Brea, and our silly little magical daughter Bijou. I am partners in an experimental venue / art gallery space in downtown Sacramento called Beatnik Studios. I play banjo in a band called Güero. I have been jumping around on a skateboard most of my life and still go toss myself around on occasion. I love to travel and go on adventures. I love to camp, swim, hike and get dirty. I am super duper lucky and grateful for my place in this world. Like most photographers, I typically keep my words short and sweet and let my images tell the stories.


Kevin Fiscus


Kevin Fiscus is a Midtown Sacramento based photographer specializing in editorial portraits, corporate, and commercial photography. He works with digital agencies to develop branded imagery for businesses local to global. Also accepting editorial assignments.


Gordon Lazzarone


I have been in business in the Sacramento area since 1981, after attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and working for Contemporary Illustrators in Kansas City, MO, a full service design, illustration and photography studio.

Although the process of image making has changed dramatically from film to digital, one thing has remained constant - my love for photography, collaborating with other creatives in producing work which elevates the brand of our clients.

I love the challenge of photographing many different things. From people to product and food, both in the studio and on location, the particular challenges of lighting, composition, etc. is what fuels me. The quality of light, of which I am particularly interested in, informs our visceral response to an image and I care a lot about that.


Calvina Nguyen


Calvina has been a professional photographer for the last 10 years. She began by capturing families and weddings, then expanded to work for companies and non-profits worldwide. Even before all that, she had a solid career in graphic design, which lent her valuable experience in storytelling, problem solving, and art directing. She now uses these skills in her work as a photographer to visually unfold the stories behind people and businesses.

With the quick evolution of creative marketing, she is currently focused on solving the problems of companies needing constant, persistent, and fresh visual content year round. Her expertise in both design and photography allows her to create consistent and cohesive photography for brands.

As her way of giving back, she uses her passion for storytelling to amplify the voices of women who are marginalized. She has founded a project called STIRR ( that shares stories of hope and freedom from women who have overcome sex trafficking in India. Their powerful stories are shared through the experience of cooking and food.


Raoul Ortega


Raoul Ortega is a storyteller, educator and visual artist through the disciplines of photography and graphic design. His work finds its place on either end of the spectrum or anywhere in between visual communication and art form. Visual composer describes his design-minded Jazz approach and how he uses the principles and theories ofDesign and Jazz to create compositions both strategically and intuitively.


Danielle Weast


Dani Weast | Dani Weast is a Sacramento native who returned to the city after a ten year hiatus earning her MA in English and exploring northern California. Weast has been photographing professionally for over two years and her work focuses largely on people in their natural environment. Weast works to cultivate a strong connection with her clients and their vision as she grows her business. Her photos aim to make the familiar strange. Weast's style elevates everyday subjects through theatrical landscapes and etherial edits.


Also showing their portfolios during this event will be:

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Ryan Angel Studio –

Gerry McIntyre –

Diana Jahns Photography & Art –

Bill Mahon –

Stay tuned for our Fall Showcase centered around local fashion! Let us know if there is an industry you're interested in seeing showcased in 2020. We are always looking for cool ways to champion our creative communities.