Creativity+ Reinvention: Meghan Phillips & David Sobon

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First up — Meghan Phillips of The Honey Agency

Meghan Phillips is the CEO and founder of Honey, a Sacramento-based marketing and design agency that provides voice, story, and identity to boutique and national brands. Nearly twenty years of strategic brand development, finding people’s passion, and a knack for creating captivating campaigns has made her a trusted industry leader and a wise advisor. 

Driven by entrepreneurial fire, Meghan is focused on empowering her team, clients, colleagues, and friends to discover their passion and purpose. Her greatest joy is spending time with her husband and their two children.

Next up -- David Sobon of Wide Open Walls

David is a high-energy connector of people with an enthusiasm and drive that makes things happen. A tireless advocate for the arts and the city of Sacramento, his passion is showcasing the diverse, innovative, and rapidly evolving cultural landscape while also promoting the excitement and accessibility of street art locally, nationally, and worldwide.

David felt that Sacramento could benefit from art activation and increased community engagement. To that end, he founded the Sacramento Mural Festival in conjunction with the Friends of the Arts Commission in 2016 and in 2017, he established Wide Open Walls, an annual festival promoting diversity through artistic expression.